Pride Watching Over History

Lake Winnipesaukee Golf Club inherits land with a rich cultural legacy. According to legend, part of the property once served as sanctuary for an “underground railroad” that helped as many as 75,000 slaves seek freedom in Canada between 1830 and 1860. The remains of a small stone cottage, long lost in the mountainous woods surrounding the golf course, whisper a story that Lake Winnipesaukee Golf Club respectfully observes and protects.

Architecturally Superior, Historic Style

The internationally renowned architecture and interior design firm, William Zmistowski Design Group LLC, designed Lake
Winnipesaukee Golf Club’s main clubhouse. With its bold natural stone face, wood-paneled interiors, elegant amenities,
luxuriously comfortable furnishings, and nonpareil member services—the clubhouse complements the scenery with superior
architectural presence.

Elegance and Charm

Every effort is made—from the spacious clubhouse locker rooms to elite personal services—to ensure that members enjoy the quality golfing experience they deserve. Relax with a casual light lunch, in our dining rooms or on our outdoor patio, or share a cold beverage in the lounge. Savor a sumptuous evening dinner with a panorama of six manicured holes below the clubhouse and Mount Washington’s brilliant snow-capped peak visible from your table. Lake Winnipesaukee Golf Club offers an experience that exudes elegance and charm at every turn.

Professional Expertise. Personal Passion.

Lake Winnipesaukee Golf Club’s highly trained and motivated team of professionals ensures that members and their guests
consistently experience outstanding personal services and exceptional playing conditions. With decades of professional golf
management expertise and unparalleled teamwork, the staff delivers the most elite clubhouse services, optimum course
conditions, and skilled golf instruction anywhere in New England.